Serve as the Technical Secretariat of the Regional Development Council (RDC) particularly in the coordination of plan formulation and investment program, updating and implementation at the regional level;

Provide technical assistance to line agencies, local government units, regional development coordinating bodies and other stakeholders in the region in identifying and developing regional programs and projects;

Evaluate and review proposed programs and projects in the region requiring RDC action, which include among others, proposals requiring ICC Clearance and for funding of the national government, Official Development Assistance (ODA), and other sources;

Monitor, assess, and prepare status reports of regional socioeconomic performance and implementation of major programs and projects in the region;

Conducts studies, researches, and policy reviews;

Coordinate with regional offices of other departments and agencies with the local government units in the region in the areas of development planning, investment programming, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation;

Establish, maintain and manage computer/electronic-based information systems network on socio-economic indicators and development programs and projects;

Provide support to continuing peace and development initiatives in Southern Philippines;

Advocate, communicate and disseminate information on national policies, thrusts and priorities affecting regional development;

Coordinate and manage special projects/activities; and

Perform such other appropriate tasks as may be assigned by the Director-General, Deputy Director General and Assistant Director General for Regional Development and higher NEDA officials.