PRIME-HRM001Koronadal City, South Cotabato. – The NEDA Regional Office XII achieved Maturity Level 1 status using the new PRIME-HRM tools in the assessment conducted by the Civil Service Commission Regional Office No. 12 on 11-13 March 2015. This information was bared by the Commission in a recent report forwarded to NEDA XII.

The PRIME-HRM is one of the programs of the Commission which inculcates meritocracy and excellence in the public service human resource management through program of reward, recognition, empowerment and continuous development.

The primary objective of the assessment was to validate the current Maturity Level of NEDA XII, as well as to identify strategies to assist the agency reach the higher level of maturity. Seventeen (17) employees of NEDA XII participated in the online and onsite assessments conducted by the CSC XII in the first quarter of CY 2015.

Three lenses were involved in the assessment, namely, systems, competencies and practices that covered four (4) core Human Resource (HR) systems using the HR Maturity Level indicators – Recruitment, Selection and Placement (RSP), Human Resource Development (HRD) – Learning and Development, Performance Management and Rewards and Recognition.

It was further revealed in the report that using the new PRIME-HRM tool and taking into account the documentary evidence, “NRO XII is generally found to have complied with the requirements for Maturity Level 1 (Transactional HRM) with a rating of 100%, 97% at Level 2 (Processed Defined HRM), 94% at Level 3 (Integrated HRM) and 93% at Level 4 (Strategic HRM). Notably, a 100% rating was achieved by the office relative to its Recruitment, Selection and Placement, Performance Management and Rewards”.

The CSC XII report also highlighted the 100% rating achieved by NRO XII as regards its Practices in the four (4) core areas covering all maturity levels (Levels 1-4).

Being proud of this latest achievement, it can be noted that NEDA XII is one of the few accredited agencies in the region, having gained its revalidated Level II Accreditation Status per CSC Resolution No. 1301748 promulgated on 6 August 2013. The accredited agency exercises the authority to take final action on appointments subject to Civil Service Law, rules and regulations in accordance with the PRIME-HRM guidelines. (Lalaine M. Sajelan-FAD)