City of Koronadal, South Cotabato – In line with the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) 45th Anniversary, the NEDA XII conducted a team building activity to celebrate the event at Fred Ann’s Food Haus, Koronadal City on January 24, 2018.

The theme of the activity is “Strengthening NEDA XII’s Internal and Regional Development Coordination.”  It aims to strengthen the bonds of NRO XII staff by knowing oneself better and improving communication with each other to work toward increasing productivity.

On behalf of Regional Director Arturo G. Valero, who was on official travel in Davao City, Assistant Regional Director Noel E. Quiratman welcomed the staff and shared that in line with the new challenges the office is facing, fostering good relationship and communication among the staff could help facilitate easy coordination to achieve office goals and targets.  This then translates into efficient and effective coordination with various development partners.

Dr. Ryan Travis J. delos Reyes from the Civil Service Commission XII, an expert in conducting team building activities, facilitated the team building sessions.  In addition, a number of structured learning exercises (SLEs) were also facilitated by selected NEDA XII employees, including the conduct of cultural development activity.

Dr. delos Reyes started his team building sessions with an animal affiliation game wherein each staff has to choose a particular animal that he/she can mostly be connected.  After which, he explained the traits of the animals that a person might be associated with.  The NRO XII staff was also given the chance to inform his/her fellow workers on their personal traits as one sees them through writing on a piece of paper affixed on his/her back.  Various team building games were likewise conducted toward developing team work among the staff.

At the end of his sessions, Dr. delos Reyes emphasized the importance of having better understanding of oneself.  He observed that the group is composed of inter-generational from the millennials, the baby boomers, and generation X.   He also discovered the group to be highly intellectual, competitive and very frank.  However, he said that the group may not be automatically considered as a team.  It would be difficult to work as a team if we only see the negative in others.  He highlighted the need to know who we are and understand the positive and negative aspects in each and every staff.  He encouraged the staff to reflect on how they define themselves, for it will be the foundation to change for the better.  Helping others to grow is one of the values of team work.

The NEDA XII staff also took pleasure in dancing and singing the “Tunog ng Progreso”, an audio-visual presentation (AVP) for people to understand the amount of development progress our country has achieved in the recent years.  The AVP was developed to highlight the NEDA’s 45th anniversary and to promote the AmBisyon Natin 2040 and the Philippine Development Plan, 2017-2022 which lay down the foundation for the attainment of the Filipino vision.

The various SLEs facilitated by selected NRO XII employees further strengthen the staff’s camaraderie like the affirmation game by telling others “what I like about you and I would like you even more if.”  The mind game on the history of NEDA XII Office, its operations and other activities were fun as they require focus, critical thinking, and being observant in the office surroundings.  The cultural development, “videoke on the house,” capped the one-day team building activity.

ARD Quiratman expressed appreciation of the NRO XII staff on the outcome of the activity because they spent quality time participating in all of the team building activities.  He cited that team building may involve playing silly games and fun activities but it takes time and resources to motivate the group to work as a team.  In the end, it is worthwhile to connect and make friends with people we have worked with and will be working with in the coming years. Highly motivated staff can help build workmates to work harmoniously who would together achieve the AmBisyon Natin 2040!  (Evie Arabis Cabulanan/DRD and LMSajelan/FAD, NEDA XII)